Goorillas are little monkeys made of goo. They stretch, get stuck to things and sometimes they splat!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Goorillas 3D Characters First Draft

I've been getting familiar with 3D over the last couple of weeks in my spare time, mainly working with Blender. It's a great piece of kit. I'm hoping to collaborate with 3D Designers one day so now seems like a good idea to get a better understanding of the principles of 3D, before I move into programming a game.

Today I can create my own simple 3D assets and I know more about modelling, meshes, curves, armatures etc and have experienced the process of creating a character.

I had a go at creating a Goorilla character in 3D.

I popped him in to a test game based on the Unity roll a ball tutorial which I adapted to work on mobile devices:

I will hopefully come back to exploring Blender in more depth at a later date. As for this game, and my skill set, It's going to be 2D.

For now I am ready to move on to programming in Unity to get ready to create the game prototype.