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Sunday, March 8, 2015

DevTrek Week 8 - Gameplay and DevTrek finished

My DevTrek is now complete, and the game is pretty much done.

I hope it's different from other matching games and immersive with the special moves and features that's come from developing character driven gameplay.

I've attempted to create the sense of achievement coin-op games deliver with a set number of lives to complete a game that becomes progressively more difficult.

Some of the later levels can get quite tough and players might want to share their replay on social media. So I'll add a level replay and share feature in before the game is released, in a month or so, if the play testing goes well.

I've enjoyed experiencing the culture and traveling from north to south the last eight weeks flash-packing. It felt a bit Bohemian doing graphics and the odd animation in a cafe here and there along the way. I've been occupied most evenings, chipping away, creating the game. Now the DevTrek is over, play testing can begin.